What is Auto-Detailing?

The term “car detailing” has been widely used worldwide for some time but it is still not often understood in Pakistan. To confuse matters, an ever increasing number of companies are using the term simply because they sometimes polish (mop) a car or offer was based valeting.
Detailing Crew’s car detailing really isn’t defined by one single process but is instead a term that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require considerable skill to apply. A valet may get your car clean by typically spending an hour or less on it and a body shop may quickly run a polisher over your car to remove a few marks, but neither can be classified as detailing.

“Reflectology in Motion” that is how we define cars. Founded by an Auto Enthusiast with over a decade of car detailing experience,Detailing CrewRead more
Ceramic Pro 9H is a Permanent Nano-Ceramic Paint Protective Coating that features a High Gloss finish, unmatched Super Hydrophobic Effect,
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Mobile Auto Detailing
Detailing Crew proudly announces the launch of it Mobile Detailing arm. We provide a professional detailing service assisting in both residential
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